Pigment + linseed oil

ATR-FT-IR spectra of pigments mixed with linseed oil 

In this page a selection of IR spectra (with and without ATR-correction) of self-made oil paints in the region of 4000-225 cm–1 are presented. The low wavenumber region (far-IR region) of the IR spectra are presented and discussed in the following papers: Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2009, 73, 764–771 and Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2010, 75, 1061–1072.

WHITE PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILLead white; Lithopone; Titanium white; Zinc white 
YELLOW PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILAmberg yellow; Barium yellow; Cadmium yellow; Chrome yellow; Italian Gold ochre, light; Massicot; Naples yellow; Orpiment; Satin ochre; Strontium yellow;  Yellow ochre
RED PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILCadmium red, light; Caput Mortuum reddish; Cinnabar; Natural red earth; Pompei red; Red lead; Venetian red
BLUE PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILAzurite; Cobalt blue; Cobalt blue dark; Egyptian blue; Lapis lazuli; Prussian blue; Smalt; Ultramarine blue
GREEN PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILBohemian green earth; Chromium oxide; Cobalt green; Malachite; Raw umber greenish, dark; Vagone green earth; Verdigris; Viridian green
BROWN PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILBrown ochre; Burnt umber (Winsor&Newton);
Burnt umber (Sennelier); Fawn ochre
BLACK PIGMENTS+ LINSEED OILBone black; Charcoal; Ivory black; Mars black; Vine black