Conservation materials

ATR-FT-IR spectra of various conservation materials

In this page a selection of ATR-FT-IR spectra of various conservation materials are presented. ATR-FT-IR spectra were recorded using a Thermo Scientific Nicolet 6700 FT-IR spectrometer with a “Smart Orbit” diamond micro-ATR accessory in mid-IR and far-IR regions (4000-225 cm-1). 

These infrared spectra have been recorded at University of Tartu (Estonia), Institute of Chemistry, Chair of Analytical Chemistry.

SOLVENTS, DILUENTSAcetone; Ethanol; Ethyl acetate; Isopropanol; Milli-Q water; Triammonium citrate (55 %); Toluene; Turpentine; White spirit
POLYMERIC MATERIALSCarbopol ® EZ 2; Klucel G; Paraloid B-44; Paraloid B-72; Polyvinyl acetate (PVA)